Throwing Tomahawk

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Throwing Tomahawk

McCoun Tomahawks specializes in producing traditional style tomahawks to fit a wide range of uses. We have chosen 4140 for our steel type because of its chromium and carbon content making it an excellent choice for heavy use high impact tools.

After working with some competitive throwers we came up with this competition thrower. The upsweep on the top of the blade allows for a stick even if your rotation is a little far forward. The angle at the bottom of the handle helps throw the blade into the target should you hit handle first. The tomahawk head is pinned onto the handle keeping the head in place even after several bad throws.


Hand Forged from 4140 by Dylan McCoun

Blade Width: 3 3/4"

Edge To Handle: 2 3/4"

Overall: 5 1/8"

Handle Length: 14 1/8”