Black Ops Poll Tomahawk

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Black Ops Poll Tomahawk

McCoun Tomahawks specializes in producing traditional style tomahawks to fit a wide range of uses. We have chosen 4140 for our steel type because of its chromium and carbon content making it an excellent choice for heavy use high impact tools.

The Black Ops Poll was developed as a tool for combat engineers to carry in the field. This tomahawk features two combat grinds, (Top and Bottom) the combat grinds allow for slicing when hooking or thrusting the blade forwards. With a hardened poll on the reverse side, this hawk will handle extreme amounts of hammering when needed while sporting a rugged hammer finish with blued profiles. This Tomahawk has a slot at the top of the handle with a hammer wedge inside. The wedge can be driven in further with a square punch should the head become loose on the handle.    


Hand Forged from 4140 steel by Dylan McCoun

Blade Width: 4 1/8"

Edge To Handle: 3 1/8"

Overall: 5 7/8"

Handle length: 18”