About Us

McCoun Tomahawks was officially born in 2011, we specialize in hand forged tomahawks and small axes. We create a wide variety of tools designed for many different uses from camping to combat. McCoun tomahawks is the product of three generations of bladesmiths beginning in the early 60's with Charles McCoun making a few knives as a hobby. These were passed down to his son Mark in the late 80's when he began his knife making journey. 

A little bit about myself - I am Dylan McCoun, Mark's son and the third generation to start in this hobby turned profession. My passion for bladesmithing started at a young age from watching my dad. I made my first knife when I was eight years old and haven't stopped since. I started making blades to sell around age 16. When I graduated high school I went into bladesmithing full time. I am proud and blessed to do what I love for a living by making blades that will stand the test of time and be used to their full potential.